I try to tag my posts with trigger warnings in the format of a category titled “trigger warning” and hashtags stating “tw: [sensitive topic]”. Keeping that in mind, please feel free to review my archives or to cozy up and delve into a new post. If you relate to what you read and feel a little less shitty, that’s fantastic. And if you don’t relate to what you read but learn something instead, that’s also pretty great. 


And so she says

“But if he went to therapy

If he said he was sorry

If he had changed

You’d take him back

…wouldn’t you?”

And so I say nothing.

I feign agreement

Or complacency.

I feel anger.

Anger at him

And at her.

How dare she

How dare she not respect my desire

To distance myself

From the hurt.

When we first met

She was the first to tell me

“It would be OK

If you went to the police”

Even though she knew

That was never what I wanted.

The turncoat

Trying to make me see the other side

When all I want to see

Is some respect

For my decisions

As a survivor.