I try to tag my posts with trigger warnings in the format of a category titled “trigger warning” and hashtags stating “tw: [sensitive topic]”. Keeping that in mind, please feel free to review my archives or to cozy up and delve into a new post. If you relate to what you read and feel a little less shitty, that’s fantastic. And if you don’t relate to what you read but learn something instead, that’s also pretty great. 


Roses bloom and roses die
This cycle’s always true
The snow’s on the ground
But light seems to have found
Some dark crevice in which to lie
Grammar poses problems
Words, they forms a wall
The lights, they twinkle
The sky, it sprinkles
Both slow and hard to fall
If some new hope is all I have
In theory, it’s better than none
But if all you have to lose is hope
I’d rather none than some
To live for fifty years or more
With naught to call my own
Is barely living, if at all
I’ll wait until I get the call
But ‘till that moment comes to me
I’ll always be alone

Keep Me Here Until I'm Gone

FnD: The Damage Function