I try to tag my posts with trigger warnings in the format of a category titled “trigger warning” and hashtags stating “tw: [sensitive topic]”. Keeping that in mind, please feel free to review my archives or to cozy up and delve into a new post. If you relate to what you read and feel a little less shitty, that’s fantastic. And if you don’t relate to what you read but learn something instead, that’s also pretty great. 

Keep Me Here Until I'm Gone

Less than twenty I can see
Have I lost the faith in thee?
I find there’s very few about
Have I lost – am I missing out?
Suddenly, the sky alights
They shower down upon the night
Midnight’s blue and scarlet’s dreams
Lost beneath my requiems
Passion’s whispers in the dark
Resounding, effervescent hark
I love you, but I cannot find
Reason to escape my mind
So I’ll stay here and wait for dawn
Keep me here until I’m gone

Lord of the Flies